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Behavioral research suggests that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.

Whispers of Inspiration

An enlightening collection of quotes and contemplations of survivors and advocates who have endured horrific trauma and experienced miraculous triumphs on their healing journey.

About the Book

Whispers of Inspiration is eagerly anticipated by survivors and advocates across the country as meritorious quotes resonate the deep realities of those who have experienced abuse, trauma and triumphs in their live journey. In the debut of her first nationally recognized book, Jennifer Grube offers an eminently distinguished, personally inspired page-turner that will leave the reader with insight into the mind and soul of the survivor. This poignant publication holds a preverbal mirror to the emotion of the survivor while respecting anonymity. While trauma is often wrought with pain and anguish, this salutary book celebrates hope and healing for all who engage in its reading.

Preview of Quotes

  • “May God continue to bless me with sunshine in my heart which fuels my day with grace and abundance.”
  • “The unprecedented power of nature is parallel to the intense strength and beauty of a spirited, rooted will.”
  • “He realized his gifts when he accepted his vulnerabilities.”
  • “Through her loyal eyes, she sees sacred places shared through special graces.”
  • “Your experience may haunt your soul yet each acknowledgement of trauma strengthens your posture, purpose & position as a survivor.”
  • “Today I will hear whispers of contentment which carry morsels of peace.”
  • “Encourage ears to resonate and mouths to hesitate.”
  • “Brilliant reflections of who you are serve to be transparent to those surrounding you.”
  • “The spirit of a true hero & shero offers us a dance of dignity, song of serenity, and jingle of joy.”

About Me

Jennifer Grube is a life-long advocate of healing & celebrant of hope & joy. She has touched the lives of people from Washington to Florida, Maine to California and Internationally as they have entrusted her with their trauma and triumphs. She has championed start-up projects, stabilized failing organizations, developed critically needed shelters, provided development and training in mental health and corrections. She has raised over eighty six million dollars utilized to positively impact thousands of at-risk families and vulnerable populations.

Ms. Grube has served as a model leader, educator and mentor through regional and international forums and publications. She has extensive experience in governmental and private systems with budgets up to $150 million, directing and managing up to 250 staff and serving 2,500 at-risk populations across multiple counties.
Jennifer is a licensed, clinical social worker, ordained minister, celebrant and executive manager whom for over three decades has dedicated her life to help others find peace. Her labor of love has been transcended into a sound, pragmatic practice that centers on abuse prevention, treatment, clinical risk assessment, drug & alcohol interventions, correctional services, professional training, personal coaching, and healthy living advocate.

Jennifer’s book entitled, “Whispers of Inspiration” offers motivational quotes for those who have been helped, those who need help, and those who are devoted to helping others. Please note that your book purchase and a commitment by the author will be multiplied as 100% of the proceeds will be donated to charitable prevention, education and counseling services for survivors of child abuse, domestic/violence and other forms of trauma.
Jennifer Grube is the founder of a charity named F.A.C.E.S. “We have a vision to end child abuse.” Visit this non-profit group at

You are invited to engage your staff through scheduling an event, continuing education workshop, team building exercise, book signing or seek her out to coach you through life changes!

Call 844-JGRUBE-4 (844-547-8234) or send an email to


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June 7, 2020
F.A.C.E.S. Faith, Accountability, Community, Education and Services

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